Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds Make Life Easy for The Bedridden Patients

Home care bed
Caring for the elderly or the disabled can now be simplified with so many helping aids available in the market that makes life easy for these people to lead a quality and dignified life. The adjustable beds are very much useful to people who have been temporarily or permanently got bed ridden as the beds can be adjusted to different positions without much effort to offer comfort for the patients. The home care adjustable beds are available in different models and based on your budget, you can pick one that comes up with better features to serve the purpose. The royal comfort 4 section electric beds comes with an elegant look and adds a luxurious environment to the bedroom. The bed comes with many advantages like a latex mattress, aluminum or wood frame, electrical height and back rest adjustments, leg adjustments which can be done through a remote control. Based on 2 or 4 section the adjustable beds range from around R 7000 to above R 22000 respectively.
Mobility aids

There are also bathroom aids like commode for those who may not be able to visit the toilets without others support. There are different models in commode like commode with aluminum stand, commode with wheels, commode with drop arms, Bariatric heavy duty commodes etc that can be chosen to offer independent living for elders with mobility issues. There are also bath aids and shower aids that help the elderly or disabled to access on their own without depending much on others. The mobility scooters are also very much useful for those having mobility issues as these scooters can be used in the shopping malls, airports, exhibitions etc where one may have to walk distances to reach a point. The mobility scooters are lightweight and sturdy enough to use them anywhere either in the supermarkets or exploring new places without any efforts.
Hospital beds

The mobility scooters are compact and also easy to assemble or disassemble so that you can take them in your vehicle and use as and when required. This scooter comes with best features like height adjustable seat, backrest and arms, ergonomic design, 4.25 mph speed, 14.5 km travel distance on full battery charge, anti-tip wheels, basket with carry handles and can also be folded if required to take it anywhere of your choice. Along with these products you can find many more products walkers, wheel chairs, patient hoists etc that would make life comfortable for the disabled or the elderly to minimize dependency on others to lead a quality life.
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