Adjustable Beds

What Are The Benefits Of Adjustable Beds?

Those who are unwell, elderly or confined to bed due to mishap are generally recommended to use adjustable beds. Like beds that can be found in clinics, these are designed to provide utmost comfort and relief. As the name itself implies, it can be adjusted as per the requirement of the patient. On the basis of the need, the feet, the side rails, the head and the entire bed can be lowered or elevated. These are also useful from the point of view of the caregiver as well. In addition, these beds can be of great help to ailing and disabled people from their health point of view. For most of these people lying in the same position for longer hours can prove to be highly uncomfortable after a certain amount of time and this is where these beds can be of great help to them. Here are the health benefits to know:

Home Care Bed

Brings down backache: Generally, patients with back pain are advised to use adjustable beds. This is because a flat surface will not be convenient for their spinal cord, thereby resulting in sleeplessness and excess backache. On the other hand, a bed that is inclined to 450 angle can provide them better relief and they can also get better sleep as well. Like mobility aids helping these people in moving around, these beds can help them in getting better sleep, which is highly important during their treatment period.
Relief from heartburn and acidity: People with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and those with acidity issue are generally recommended to sleep at a position, wherein their head is elevated by 6-8 inches. This will help their stomach to retain the acids, which would otherwise get into the esophagus, thereby causing heartburn. On the basis of the severity of acidity, they can elevate the bed head as much as needed.

Hospital Beds

Helps in breathing: Like mobility aids, these sleep aids can be of great help in taking the pressure off the heart muscles, thereby helping people to achieve easiness in breathing. This is highly important for patients suffering with asthma and other breathing disorders. When the upper part of the body is rested in a raised position, the lungs can perform in an effective manner. People with heavy cold and congestion can be benefited with this type of bed as the fluid build up can be kept at bay when they sleep in an elevated position.

These beds and wheelchairs and many other devices for patients with mobility issues and sleeping problems can be purchased over the internet. The homecare and clinic furniture like wheelchairs can be bought from these online stores.


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