Adjustable Beds

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There are many people who often have to rely on their family or friends even to move short distances in their neighbourhood. Such people can now checkout for the mobility scooters that are compact and light weight for anyone to handle making it easy for them to move around short distances in a comfortable manner. The mobility scooters are battery driven and four wheel that offer perfect balance and stability to the rider who can easily cover distances at a speed of 6 km/hr and a range of 48 km on a single recharge of the battery. The mobility scooters are very much useful for the elderly or the disabled with limited dexterity to carry around the vehicle along with them in a car or a public transport system and use it wherever required without much efforts. The mobility scooter is very much useful to cover distances in exhibitions, parks, museums, shopping malls etc where one can easily drive the mobility scooter to move instead of walking long distances. The mobility scooters are available in different models with varying features based on which the price is fixed. You can find the mobility scooters from online stores like Prima Care that brings you the best brands within competitive rates.

Mobility scooters

Prima Care is an online store that offers home and clinical care furniture to help elders and the disabled to lead an independent and quality lifestyle reducing their dependency on others. The store brings you many more products that can be chosen according to the requirements of the users. The adjustable beds are one such products that are really useful for those who have been temporarily or permanently bed ridden as they can now easily change their position in the bed by adjusting the bed height and position. The adjustable beds have different sectional adjustments to adjust the height of the bed, legs adjustment, back rest adjustment etc that can be done either by manual or electric controls. There are different models available in the adjustable beds and you can find one that best suits to your needs as well as budget. The store also brings many more products like bathroom aids, matrasses, walkers, patient lifters and others that you can choose based on the patient needs.


The Prima Care also offer most of the products for both sale as well as on rental basis to those who need them only temporarily. All products are available in the best quality and price online from the store.

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