Adjustable Beds

The Mobility Scooters Simplifies Your Transportation Needs

Most of the elders or the disabled require support from the family members to lead a quality lifestyle. However, they can now checkout for the home care and clinical furniture from Prima Care that makes life simple for them to lead an independent lifestyle minimising their dependency on others. The mobile scooters are really a boon to those with limited dexterity as they can now move in and around their community without depending on others for their transportation. The mobility scooters are battery driven and can be easily transported in any vehicle to the desired location for using. The mobility scooters are compact and come in a foldable design so that you can use them as and when require and store them easily that don’t require much space. The mobility scooters are especially useful to move around in shopping malls, exhibitions, airport lounges where elders find it a bit difficult to cover the distances on walk. There are many models available in the mobility scooters and the price varies based on the features of the mobility scooters. These mobility scooters can move at a top speed of 4.25 mph and travel up to 14.5 km approximately on a single charge. The vehicle comes with adjustable seat, free wheel release, rear reflector and also solid enough with a weight capacity of up to 135kgs.





Mobility scooters



Just like mobility scooters you can find many more products useful for the patients from Prima Care. The adjustable beds are also quite popular that are very much convenient for the patients as well as the care takers to offer better care to the patient. The bed height and angles can be changed in the adjustable beds both manual and electronical so that it makes possible to change the angles of the bed easily so that the patient can be lifted to a sitting position or a resting position without much efforts. There are also different models in these adjustable beds for one to choose. Apart from these Prima Care also offer many more products like bathing aids, toilet aids, wheel chairs, patient lifters, walkers, mattresses, oxygen concentrators etc to make life easy for the people in need. The best part is that most of the products are also offered on a rent for those who need them on a temporary basis. When you buy them from Prima Care you can be assured about the quality and at the same time enjoy best price to avail any of the products from them.

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