Adjustable Beds

Find Best Shoprider to Move Around Independently

The home care and clinic furniture comes very much handy for the elders or the disabled to lead an independent lifestyle. There are many products from Prima Care which is a leading company in offering the home and clinical care furniture to help you choose the best product for you to lead an independent lifestyle. There are wheel chairs for those who find difficult to walk to move around without depending on others. There are different models in this range. The shoprider is also one product that is very much useful for those with limited dexterity to move freely in the vehicle to cover short distances. The shoprider is light weight and compact in design that can be carried anywhere easily for you to use. This is a foldable model with wheels that you can easily lift it and move to the places wherever you would like to use. These are surely very much handy to use in exhibitions, airport lounges or the malls where you have to cover a lot of distance to move around. But with the shoprider you can comfortable sit and move around without disturbing others. The shoprider suits for people of all sizes and shapes that can carry a weight of 18stone and travel a distance of 12 miles.





Similarly, there are other products like bathroom aids that are very much helpful for the patients as well as the care givers to make their life comfortable. There are different types of commode like folding model, with arm rest or drop arm, with wheels, multipurpose usage, height adjustable models etc to suit the varying needs of the patient. You can also find the company offering products like sleeping aids, shower aids, grab rails, electric wheel chairs and many more that would allow one to take care of themselves reducing their dependence on others. All the products are offered in the best quality from the store who not only sell these products but also offer them on rental. Those who need the home care or clinical furniture on a temporary basis need not buy the product but can have it on a rental basis for temporary usage and return it back in the same condition. The patient lifters, dementia mattress, over bed table, anti-bedsore mattress, bath lifter, multi-function commode, mobility aids etc are available for rent at the best price from the company.

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