Adjustable Beds

Mobility Scooters Enhances Your Independence to Move Around Without Assistance

Elderly and disabled often find it difficult to lead their life independently. However, some home care products make their life simple and easy to lead a dignified lifestyle. The mobility scooters are surely one of the best vehicle for the elderly or disabled to enjoy the experience of moving on their own. This battery operated vehicle is four wheels and comes in a compact and sturdy model that can support the conveyance for those who find it difficult to walk short distances. This is very much useful to visit the local super markets or explore your community on your own as the vehicle comes with the best features and is very much convenient for easy traveling. This vehicle is also easy to assemble and disassemble so that it can be carried in the car trunk or the public transportation system to wherever you like to use it for your conveyance. The mobility scooters comes with adjustable seat height, flip up back rest and adjustable arms for the comfort of the rider. Based on the models you can find the mobility scooters that can travel at 4.25 mph top speed and can cover almost 14 km on one full charge. They come with adjustable angle tiller allowing ideal positioning for users with all shapes and sizes and also anti-tip wheels for enhanced safety. There are also foldable mobility scooters that can be easily folded and take along with you to use wherever necessary.


Adjustable beds



You can also find the adjustable beds as one of the best home care products that are very much useful for patients who are permanently or temporarily bed ridden.  One can easily change the position of the bed adjusting the height and angle of the bed making it easy for the patient to change positions without much efforts. By using the manual lever or electronic controls it is possible to change the bed angles without putting much efforts by the care giver. There are also many more products like bathroom aids, patient lifters, wheel chairs, sleeping aids, bariatric products, bath and nursing products that make life comfortable to the patients as well as the care givers. All these products can be found online from stores like Prima Care that offer these products both for sale or rental based on the customer requirements. You can be assured about the quality and price while buying from reliable sellers like Prima Care.

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