Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds Make Life a Bit Comfortable For The Bed Ridden Patients

Prima Care is one company that believes that everyone has the right to lead a dignified and independent life especially those who need care. Thus, they come with many quality products that would help people to lead a life without the necessity to depend on their family or others all the time. The mobility scooters are the best for those with limited dexterity to move on their own in their communities, shopping malls or nearby places without the necessity to depend on others. These mobility scooters can be easily operated which come as foldable models so that they can be carried around in the vehicles and use them wherever necessary. There are different models in these battery operated mobility scooters that are versatile and can be used to move around without much effort. The mobility scooter with light weight and space saving design surely offers the best functionality for one to move short distances without depending on others. They also come with adjustable seat and steering heights, easy recharging of the battery, good ground clearance, maximum load capacity of 113 kgs, speed range of 18km/hr and other features that may vary based on the model but surely offer the best comfort to the users.


Mobility scooters

Along with the mobility scooters you can also find Prima Care brining many more products that are quite useful for the people in need. You can find them offering the best of adjustable beds that offer great comfort to the patients who are bed ridden. This is because adjustable beds can be operated manually or electrically to change the positions of the patients without the necessary to lift them up from the bed. This makes it easy for the care givers to take care of the bed ridden patients with minimum effort. There are different models in the adjustable beds whose height can be adjusted, head and food support, foot part with knee bend allow for better nursing assistance and more lying comfort to the patient.  Along with these products you can also find Prima Care bringing wheel chairs, walkers, bathroom aids, hospital beds, patient lifters, oxygen concentrators, bathroom aids and many more to make life easy for those who need care.


All the products from Prima Care come in the best quality and price which are also offered on rental for those who need these products on a temporary base.

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