Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds Make Life Easy for The Patients and Care Givers

The home care and clinical furniture allows the disabled and the elderly to lead a partially independent lifestyle without depending much on others. The Prima Care is one company that offers the best of home care and clinical furniture products suitable to the customer needs. You can find them offering a range of products in different categories to cater to the needs of the elderly or the disabled to lead quality lifestyle. Those who were bed ridden can find the adjustable beds as the best choice that allows them to change their positions on the bed without much efforts. The adjustable beds can be operated both manually and electronically for the care givers to adjust the height of the bed or change the sectional position of the bed so that the patient positon can be changed into semi-sleeping position or sitting position that makes it easy for the caregivers to feed the patient and take care of them. There are also a variety of commodes available from Prima Care where you can choose from different models that suits to your needs. There is this bariatric folding commode, two-in one shower commode, raised toilet seat commode, multi-purpose commode and many more that come in the best quality and price making it easy for the elderly or the disabled to take care of their basic needs without depending on others.


Those who find it difficult to walk without support can find rollator as the best option that is available with some wonderful features to walk easily with its support. The rollator is light weight and gives you that much needed support that comes in a foldable design for you to carry it and use wherever needed. This has the best braking system so that you can easily stop and can also take rest on the padded flip-up seat on the rollator. This rollator is light weight, rust proof and anatomically designed with arthritic friendly looped cable brakes for additional safety of the users. Those who find it difficult to even take a few steps or have to be limited to bed due to any injury can find the wheelchairs very much useful to move around without much effort. There are many models in these wheelchairs both manual and electrical varying in the price based on its features. One can comfortably sit and move around in the wheel chairs in and around their surroundings. Along with these products Prima Care also offer many more like bathroom aids, patient lifters, mobility scooters, bedroom aids, sleeping aids and many more not only for sale but also for rent to temporary users.

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