Adjustable Beds

The Adjustable Beds Make Life a Bit Comfortable for Bed Ridden Patients

Home care and clinical furniture make life easy for the disabled or the elderly with the comfort levels provided by the products. One such product is the hospital beds that are essentially required to take care of the elderly who are weak in getting up and out of the bed or those that may need bed rest for a while due to post surgery or other ailments. Unlike the normal beds the hospital adjustable beds come as the best choice for both the patient as well as the care giver to ease the agony of being bedridden for the patient. This is because the hospital beds can be adjusted to different angles that can easily rise or lower a patient bed and also change the position of the patient from lying down to siting position, adjusting head and spine position, lowering the bed height to get in and out etc that really is very much helpful for the patients. These adjustable beds are available in different sizes and features based on which the price varies. There are also manually operated and electronically controlled beds where in the former case one has to manually use the lever to change the positions of the bed while for electronic beds everything can be controlled with the help of touching the buttons.



Adjustable beds



The latest hospital beds come with advanced design features like integrated foldaway cot sides that can also be adjusted in height, central locking system, Trendelenburg positions, fold away linen holder, protective bumpers etc that make it very much comfortable for the patients and also the care givers to handle the bed ridden patients with minimum efforts. These beds are available online either for purchase or on rental basis for those who need them only on a temporary purpose. Along with these you can also find many home care furniture like wheel chairs, bathroom aids, patient lifters, walkers, shop riders, sleeping aids, bariatric products, bath and nursing appliances etc that offer independence to the elders or the disabled to lead quality life minimising their dependence on the care providers. All these products come in the best price and quality along with manufacturer warranty for you to buy them from reliable online stores like Prima Care.


Based on the condition of the elders or the disabled there are a number of products to make a choice and offer a bit more comfortable and independence for them to lead life with dignity.

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